A-Pixel-Lypse Now

We discussed a tenet of the 2,500 year old game GO in a previous article, "A good move accomplishes two things. A great move accomplishes three."

This week we find Apple showcasing their brilliance in strategy with a move that accomplishes at least 5 things, if not more - asking customers to opt-in to IDFA tracking with scary language.

What does this help accomplish for Apple... a lot.

All of this is done by giving the action to the user to avoid anti-trust regulations.

This move was not a surprise for the industry but if you are at all connected to marketing, it is a good move to review the following write ups to understand these implications. Several great newsletters have been written over the last week that we link below. Enjoy!

It's always important to remember Andy Grove's advice that "Markets are won and lost in times of transition."

This is a transition in the space and it will be great to observe the winners and losers around these long predicted shifts.

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