Go is a 2,500-year-old board game. Older than chess and also more complicated than the game of kings. After the first two moves of Chess, there are 400 moves. After the first two moves of Go, there are 130,000. Unlike Chess, Go is a game of area capture. It is a game of balance between aggressive posturing and defensive strategies. Like Chess, it takes years, decades perhaps, to master.

What does a game older than Jesus have to do with advertising? Actually a fair amount. For today, let's focus on one specific tenet. If you ever find yourself playing Go, use the following heuristic, "A good move accomplishes two things. A great move accomplishes three."

Sounds simple? In Go, it can be quite difficult, but on social there are easy to implement strategies to accomplish such a lofty goal. One strategy that is becoming a larger topic of conversation is around flattening the traditional marketing funnel.

Flattening a funnel is the shorthand of making sure direct response advertising increases brand resonance and that brand advertising drives sales. It's a good move as it accomplishes 2 things with one ad.

We introduced the concept of emotional commerce several weeks back to help move this conversation from good to great.

The last two tenets are how to supercharge social ads. It is building advertising that respects the customer, i.e. putting engaging ads in feed that you as a marketer would click on, and defining a brand. All of that is built on the backbone of great direct response principles of discussing the product offering. Your future customer wants your product. Respect their desire by getting to the product offering quickly and succinctly.

It is also building advertising that is smashable. Coca-Cola has a smashable brand as their glass bottles can be broken on the ground and yet you know it is still a Coca-Cola product.

Some companies apply this logic to news feed, where the average consumer scrolls through 300 feet of news feed a day. Whenever you see their advertising in-feed, in whatever ad unit, it stands out and you know the brand even amidst the chaos.

Hulu is the cleanest example of accomplishing all 3 moves with one ad: Smashable brand, respecting their future customer, and leveraging DR best practices.

All of their ads have a clear and memorable brand voice with the green border, get to the product offer and benefit quickly, and they respect their future customer with interesting content in their feed.

If you think your ads are only accomplishing one thing right now, look to add in a second aspect. Perhaps it's simple branding or maybe its something much more unique to your business. If you have good ads at the moment, how can you make them great? Answering that question is respecting all future customers for your business.



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