The Effect Gallery

Why Do All These Influencers Take Better Selfies Than Me?

Have you noticed a trend on your Instagram stories around a new AR effect or filter daily? It started with that simple "What Disney Character Are You" quiz and now a new effect is popping up in my story feed daily. How are all these influencers gaining flawless skin while showcasing their next travel idea?

Taking a break from the previous 3 weeks of technical posts, we're moving up the funnel and diving deep into Instagram's Effect Gallery. What is it? What's the potential impact for a brand on the cutting edge?

What Is The Effect Gallery?
At F8 2019, Facebook's developer conference, FB announced  the launch of FB Spark. Via the Spark AR hub, anyone from around the world can upload their effect to the platform for use.

What does this mean? If you have an original idea around a camera effect, you can now impact one of the fastest-growing platforms!

Where Is The Effect Gallery?
The Effect Gallery is a bit hidden but easy enough to access.

Simply open Instagram, go to the camera and scroll all the way to the right of the effects to open the gallery. From that screen, you will find a market place of effects to leverage.

What's the Impact?
Outside of stepping up your selfie game, this tool can be leveraged easily for a full-funnel play. There are some stipulations to be aware of regarding branded content but the effect is still open for full use. In short, the Effect Gallery is reserved for individuals while effects created by a brand live on their page for discovery and use.

Also, with the publication of an effect, your profile gains an extra tab under the highlight bar.


Thanks to Uriel Soberanes for sharing their work on Unsplash

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