How to Write a Good Advertisement

Victor O. Schwab, "the greatest mail-order copywriter of all time", in 1962 wrote one of the best books for a digital marketer in 2020.

In his classic, How to Write a Good Advertisement Victor breaks down the finite ways of success to a great newspaper ad copy.  Newspapers have evolved into newsfeeds and yet the advice is as timely as ever.

  1. Get Attention
  2. Show people an advantage
  3. Prove it
  4. Persuade people to grasp this advantage
  5. Ask for Action

"You, the advertiser, are the Univited Guest - actually, let's face it, an intruder. No reader asked you, or paid you, to join the party which he is having with the publication he has bought. You paid to get in."

This idea of an uninvited guest is paramount to building thumb-stopping creative for feed. To put bad content in feed is ultimately rude to the person on the other end of the screen. As marketers, we are uninvited but we do not need to be uninteresting or uninformative.

Ultimately, putting great content in feed can be difficult. Feel free to reach out to if you ever want to talk!


Thanks to Julius Drost for sharing their work on Unsplash.

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